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Cait Leavitt

Sport & Psychology Enthusiast

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If you read Mental Performance Consultant and said to yourself "what is that?", you’re not alone.


As a Mental Performance Consultant (MPC), I work with athletes, coaches and organizations on the mental side of their performance. Think of this type of training as taking your mind to the gym. Areas of focus include confidence, concentration, motivation, managing pressure, injury recovery and much more.


My passion is to help others perform their best while enjoying the process. I accomplish this through implementing an evidence-based, customized approach. My process starts with you and what you are trying to achieve.

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“I first started working with Cait while I was playing college soccer. I went through a very challenging and exciting sport transition to rowing after a successful performance at an Olympic ID camp. I attribute almost all of my achievements since then to my strengthened mind, and because of that, to Cait. Cait is very understanding, adaptable, and clearly driven in her pursuit to help others find their unknown potential. She is very knowledgeable in her expertise, and communicates how, and why she recommends certain approaches and techniques. Cait explored the corners of my mind and implemented some very simple and effective practices that produced results with consistent practice. The role that mental performance plays in my scenario is nothing less than essential, and I have seen growth and prosperity because of it.”

Male High Performance Athlete

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